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Lexus launches the IS F Performance Driving Academy

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Following on <A HREF="">the Lexus IS F Performance Experience at Laguna Seca in California on 15 August 2007</A> and its later visit to <A HREF="">Florida's Moroso Motorsports Park on 19 January 2008,</A> Lexus has kicked it up to the next level and launched the Lexus Performance Driving Academy, highlighting the IS F performance sedan.

Lexus invites you to take the exceptional dynamic handling, power and performance of a Lexus -- and push it to the limit at a track near you. Enjoy a mix of acceleration and adrenaline as you master the art of high-performance competitive driving and sample a range of extraordinary Lexus performance sedans -- from the IS 350 to the blazing fast IS F. No traffic lights. No speed limits. No compromises.

This exciting driving event will visit the following locales:

Chicago, Illinois
Autobahn Circuit
3795 South Patterson Road
Joliet, Illinois
Friday 9 May thru Sunday 11 May 2008

Los Angeles, California
Auto Club Speedway
(formerly known as California Speedway)
9300 Cherry Avenue
Fontana, California
Friday 30 May thru Sunday 1 June 2008

Summit Point, West Virginia
Summit Point Motorsports Park
2026 Summit Point Road
Summit Point, West Virginia
Friday 27 June thru Sunday 29 June 2008

Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Motor Speedway
1500 N Highway 41
Hampton, Georgia
Friday 11 July thru Sunday 13 July 2008

For the first time, Lexus will offer the option of two distinct driving experiences:

TWO-HOUR PERFORMANCE SESSION is a fast-paced combination of professional group instruction with an unforgettable, on-track driving experience behind the wheel of Lexus performance sedans. Your session begins with hands-on instruction by three professional instructors in the fundamentals of high performance vehicle handling, before you go on to drive a Lexus IS 250, IS 350, GS 460 and GS 450h through a succession of pulse-pounding laps. Later, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the sheer power and superb handling capabilities of the amazing Lexus IS F. And finally, you’ll experience a thrilling hot lap in the IS F and will discover its capabilities with a pro driver behind the wheel. The Two-Hour Performance Session is held on Saturdays and Sundays and is Free of charge.

1/2 DAY ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE is the ultimate full-throttle experience: a comprehensive, half-day session, focused on advanced competitive driving skills behind the wheel of the incredible Lexus IS F. Activities include:

Chalk Talk: Learn grip dynamics, contact patch, line theory, the 100% rule -- and more.
Relay Rally Race: Compete in an exhilarating exercise where teams have one goal: to clock the best team time around the track.
Timed Autocross: Shave time off every lap with personalized coaching and technique instruction from pro race drivers.
Lead/Follow: Feel the power of the custom Brembo brakes, throttle blips on the downshift, and the face flattening acceleration of the 5.0-liter V8 in an on-track lead-follow exercise.

And for the truly fearless, each ULTIMATE session offers you the chance to accompany professional race drivers as they take the Lexus IS F to the limit in a series of blazing fast hot laps.

And you won't leave empty-handed, either, for each ULTIMATE session includes a Premium gift bag and an Exclusive award ceremony. The 1/2 Day Ultimate Performance Experience is held on Fridays, at either 7:30 AM or 11:30 AM and costs $295 to attend.

Just as the Lexus IS F's US$56,000 MSRP is a bargain, given its equipment levels and absence of a gas guzzler tax versus its Audi RS4, BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG archrivals (a topic we'll elaborate on in a future my.IS and Front Page story), that $295 registration fee compares quite favorably to the $595 Audi charges for its Driving Experience 1/2 Day Enthusiast Program, let alone the $1295 cost of the BMW M School or Mercedes AMG Challenge.

To register for your choice of Performance Experience (all drivers must be at least 21 years of age and present a valid U.S. drivers license), visit <A HREF="">the Taste of Lexus Performance Driving Academy website.</A> To register, make sure to enter the Invitation Number issued especially for members: LP41859209. This code is only valid for the first 50 guests to register.

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Just signed my son (age 36) and myself up for the Atlanta Motor Speedway session on July 11th. I now have a little over 3,000 miles on my ISF and love it. Lots of fun.
A fellow IS F owner and I are both in for the May 30th

1/2 Day Ultimate event in Fontana. Sounds like a lot of fun and will be very educating. Tried to sign up to go back on Saturday or Sunday with the wife for the two hour event but both days were already full :(
About two weeks ago I had the chance to watch the Speed channels episode entiled "Fire and Ice" where they took the new MB AMG C 6.3 to an ice driving school, then to Hawaii, and finally to a test track to put it through it's paces. Great episode to watch.

This past weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix I had the chance to sit down with Cart/Indy Driver Paul Tracy and talk cars, watches and more. When I spoke about seeing him on the Fire and Ice show and asked how he liked the C6.3, he said he really enjoyed burning the car up! He said that in the 3 hours that they were filming at the test track that the factory AMG guys had to change out the rear tires 3 times and the fronts once as the drivers had quickly burned through the tires sliding the cars around the track during the filming.....

Makes me very happy that Lexus is putting on the 1/2 day Ultimate Driving Experience using their cars and not our own IS-F's ;)
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Signed up to go to Atlanta Jult 11th. Looks like a great event! Got a phone call that I could drive my IS-f on the Track Southwest of Chicago this friday but cant go but would be great to let the foot stay on the floor for more than a few seconds burst!!
This is quite a bargain compared to the other driving schools out there. See below:

$295 - Lexus Performance Driving Academy
$595 Audi Driving Experience 1/2 Day Enthusiast Program
$1295 BMW M School
$1295 Mercedes AMG Challenge

Does anyone know if they are going to be any events in 2009? I remember when I lived in ATL I was constantly in Stone Mountain for Taste of Lexus events. I've heard nothing so far...a bit disappointing.
I have only heard that those events are getting "trimmed"..
Andy is right. With the current status of our economy and the cutbacks, you won't see much TOL events this year.
I emailed Lexus Canada, and they said nothing planned for 2009 ;-(

That's ok, I am finding my own events, or piggy backing on other brands, such as Porsched, VW and BMW events.
I emailed Lexus Canada, and they said nothing planned for 2009 ;-(

That's ok, I am finding my own events, or piggy backing on other brands, such as Porsched, VW and BMW events.
But if you come accross somethig in the Toronto/Montreal area sometime July-August, please let us know as I'll be in the area to visit my kids during that time.
But if you come accross somethig in the Toronto/Montreal area sometime July-August, please let us know as I'll be in the area to visit my kids during that time.
You driving here?
You driving here?
No, he's flying. He lives in the Philippines, my homeland.
You driving here?
ISFlojo is right. Every summer I join two of my kids in Montreal and we usually drive to Toronto to be with the eldest for a couple of weeks.
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