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Lexus ISF: Lexus IS F: 2 Years, 30k miles Trouble Free!

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Last Sunday marked the 2nd year of trouble free ownership after 31k miles on my 2009 Starfire with Black Interior, Lexus IS F. Last year, I posted a write up here about my history with the IS F. I also posted a one year follow up on my car. My experiences with IS F have started with the world debut in Detroit for the 2007 North American International Auto Show. During the course of time, before the IS F was released (February 2008), I decided that I couldn't wait until February to get one and I didn't think I could afford it. My desire to own the first true Lexus hot rod grew as I was exposed to it at many events and shows before its official sale. So two years ago on this month, I caved in and joined the "F" club. Believe me, it was a difficult ordeal for me to decide, but with some hard work and determination, I did it. Till this day, I never get tired of listening to the sounds of that Yamaha co-developed 5.0L V8 growl.

I'm proud to say that the additional 7k miles I put on my IS F for 2010 have been trouble free.

You can read the rest and see all the pics here.

Panoramic shot taken by my good friend Jeff of
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What's up Ryan! Nice pictures! I'm barely reaching 20k on my 08' Obsidian, and I still have my original brake pads and tires, LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if the dealership recommends changing pads though. There's still a little bit of meat left on them, but they're sqeaking more often now. Other than that, no problems whatsoever! ;)
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