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Lexus Isf Crash

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Well Fml is all i have to say after an older lady in a Rolls Royce cut me off on a a turn and hit me off a cliff, police report came back and she's fully at fault.

Mods I had on car:
Resonators out
Matte Black Exhaust tips plus grill
Lexus badge blacked out
had 275 ps2s gripped greatt

i also HAd alpine white leather
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Holy cow. well atleast you were hit by a Rolls and not a civic with no insurance.
OMG!!! I am glad that you and your friends are okay. Looking at your charred and mangled car made me sick to my stomach. Daym, I can't believe that happened. Good luck finding a new ride. Keep us posted.
holy crap...i can't believe you 3 were able to walk away from must have said your prayers the night before...are you going to get another F or something else?
Damn Andrew, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that that happened. Glad to hear that everyone is ok. Hope you are able to upgrade to the 2010.
I hope you sue the crap out of that old hag. She doesn't deserve to drive, let alone drive a RR. Glad to hear you and your 2 friends survived that horrific event. This video just made me sick to my stomach.
That's terrible. At least you are alright and I'd assume be taken care of by her insurance. What are you looking to replace it with?
Holy crap! I'm glad you and your friends are OK.

I saw the Missouri plates on your car. Where did the accident happen? I live in St. Louis, so I was just curious.

Good luck finding your next car.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
I shipped the car from out of state hence the license plate and thanks for the support, her insurance paid me already and im thinking of of course getting another F just thinking which year and color, but I am down for an 08 if i can upgrade the limited Slip D.
So sorry for your loss but thank goodness it was a Rolls that hit ya and you guys are ok. Good luck on your future ride.
Oh wow! Glad to hear you and your friends are ok and the insurance matter is settled. Now get another IS-F! :)
Sorry to hear that, but as mentioned, you're alive and able to drive an F again! Wonder what caused it to flame up? Gasoline tank ruptured? How soon are you looking to buy? I may have access to a mint 08 with 13k miles and a full clear bra, silverstone, with tinted windows, sat radio and I-pod adapter.
Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! that is insane... I have a great lawyer if you want.
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