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Lexus IS-F vs BMW M3 vs Honda S2000 type S and Nismo 350 on the track.

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Lexus IS-F vs BMW M3 vs Honda S2000 type S and Nismo 350 on the track.


Reserve starting grid based on qualifying time. Order is reversed slower time gets pole and so on. Starting grid: 1)S2000 2)IS-F 3)350Z 4)M3

M3 started last, easliy passed the S2000, just overed powered it. Then took the IS-F on the outside of a right-hander, great move, then drove away. By that time the 350Z was way out front, M3 tracked the 350Z down and passed on the last lap to take the win.


Doesn't look like the IS-F is match for the M3 on the track, especially since Road&Track just pulled a 0.98g on the skidpad and 71.4mph slalom.
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I would expect the BMW to be a better track car but a few observations: The F seems to pull pretty hard on the BMW off the line even though the in-car video of the F shows the driver having to back off a few times to get traction, also noticed several shifts by the F driver to be rather sloppy holding it to long round 7K RPM between shifts. Again, not surprised by the result but some of it could also be due to the driver as well. In the end both are great cars with each designed to providing a unique character and experience. I also own a 06' BMW Z4 M Roadster and bought the F for that exact reason and LOVE them both!!
I have the new F and have ordered my wife a 335i convertable due in from Germany in about 3 weeks. She almost bought the Z4 but wanted a little more room for the grandkids to ride with her when she had the top down.
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