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Lexus IS-F Sound System?

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What do is-f owners have to say about the stock sound system? I, myself don't like it. It's not bad, but i beleive it could have been better. It sounds cheap for some reason, maybe i'll need to upgrade it. What do everyone else think?
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I've noticed a somewhat "tinny" or metallic center channel speaker sound, especially when high hats/cymbals are played. Overall, I'd agree that the sound system isn't too great for a car of this caliber, but that's even more reason to turn it off and listen to the real "music"...the ENGINE!!!
Check to make sure that the surround sound is turned on. It makes a huge difference. Also, if you play a DVD audio disc I think you will be amazed by the system. I personally love the Mark Levinson audio system and find it offers very clear sound. Just my opinion though.
Greatly dissapointed with the ML Sound system. It's >

only worked for a few days in my car. Had to have the ML AMP replaced once already but that only lasted about an hour before it went bad! Think there are a LOT better options out there for the money. The ML system, when it was working, never came close to meeting my expectations. I would never reccommend it and think it does Lexus a great DIS-service !

Want to talk about real music? Just turn the sound system off and listen to the wonderful sound of your car!!!
Try adjusting the treble, mid-range, and bass to max levels. This seems to help the ML sound better.
I agree, after hearing so much about how great the ML systems were I am disappointed with overall sound quality. Have played with the settings quite a bit and can't seem to improve the tinny sound and lack of depth. My overall impression is the system is underpowered. 300 watts may not be enough for (14) speakers. As for the comment about listening to DVDs, how many of us will actually watch a DVD while parked anyway?? And if this is true (haven't played a DVD yet) the system should have been optimized for music listening IMO.
I purchased the I-POD accessory (run I-POD) form steering wheel) and I think it sounds great. The bass vibrates the rearview mirror to a blur. Maybe you have already blown your ear drums!
played with the ML system some more and did find that turning the surround sound ON does provide a big improvement. Also turned up the bass to 3/4, the mid-range to middle setting and treble two clicks beyond middle and again made some big improvements! The system seems to have a sweet spot that takes some effort to find and I'm sure it's different for everyone.
Seems like a few of you guys are satisfied with the stock system. It's okay, its not bad. again, i beleive it could have been much better. I was not looking forward to adding anything to it but i guess i have to buy a better amp and add a sub to it to enhance it a little more.
hmm i'd like to hear what the ML sounds like compared to stock.
The ML system can be over-rid to allow video on it too in motion, which would also allow you to input info on the nav or use the phone. This is not recommended but can be done.

Dealers WILL NOT DO IT !!
I had my system hacked as described above by a local (L.A., CA) team that was recommended by the dealer. It's really great to be able to dial phone numbers into the on-screen keypad while driving, etc. Also plays DVDs while in motion, but I don't use this much, as it's obviously very distracting. I've had no malfunctions or other problems with this hack, either.
got mine hacked too. they added a switch in my center arm console but it only works for a minute then the screen locks up again. the DVD can be viewed anytime while moving when the switch is on.
which service did you guys use to get the hack done?
I don't know about you guys, but I find the ML sound system pretty tinny. I have tried various settings, but the overall sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. There is no depth and/or the sound does not engulf the cabin. Maybe I have it setup wrong.
nshanny, you've got it about right. Mine is the same. Not worth turning the system on IMHO and a BIG waste of money. Finally got the ML Amp fixed, again, and it's a lousy tinny sound. Hate to go aftermarket after paying so much for something that doesn't perform ....... Best to listen to the engine sound as not sure anything could be sweeter???
I just picked up my F yesterday and played around with the sound system. Normal 16-44 CD's are pretty unimpressive but I have to admit, the DVD-A version of the Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over" sounds very, very good. As an audiophile, I know that playback quality of the hardware is only as good as the engineering that went into the software (music).

For those unimpressed with your sound, go out and pick up a couple of DVD-A discs and give them a spin. Oh, and make sure the Surround SOund button is On.

Stupid me I just figured out that you can have video playback.DUH
Does anyone know if, while playing 5.1 DVD-As (Grateful Dead's American Beauty is a recording miracle and Steely Dan's Gaucho is great, too), the surround mode should be on or off?
Since it says "DSP" on the screen that allows you to choose surround on/off, I'm thinking selecting Surround enables artificial, software surround, which you don't need on a DVD-A (or 5.1 DVD-V) since all six tracks are available on the recording.
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