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Lexus IS-F gets tuned by Wald

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The extrovert of the entire Lexus lineup, the IS-F isn't light on visual or actual horsepower. Japan's Wald Tuning hasn't let that fact get in their way of releasing the Sports Line Black Bison bodykit. Wald's setup adds some visual aggression through an increase in the number of strakes and vents, as well as a trunklid spoiler. Doubtless, this get-up will add weight, possibly offering contradictory real-world performance from a vehicle that certainly looks like it should be fast. The amped-up visuals also help distract from the controversial fender gills, and the Black Bison package for the IS-F manages tack-on without being overly tacky. Well, maybe just a little tacky.

[Source: AutoBlog]
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I wouldn't call it "TUNED" it's a cheap looking body kit, it doesn't move me at all.
I agree Smoke, look too "ricey" !! Almost like it belongs on the Fast and Furious Tokyo movie...
I agree, I don't think that will go over to well with the crowd that would purchase this car.
Yeah, I don't like it either. At one time I thought a raised rear spoiler might look good but now I think I'm pretty happy with the trunk deck one.
are you serious? its a completely different car and i have no idea what that thing is. =/
omg lets not attract honduh owners with this!! lol
It's you know where your Fast & the Furious ride is???

Puhhhleeeeeeeease tell me no one here is going to buy this goofy setup??!
Looks like a low grade POS kit to me.
that thing is horrendous.

Any close up pics and info on the rims?
where's the curb-feelers at?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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