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Lexus IS-F 6 Spot Cinema Campaign - VIDEOS

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Lexus recently unveiled 6 spot cinema campaigns that will be broadcast at a theater near you by National CineMedia's First Look program. The cinematic spots were created by ATTIK of San Francisco, CA. All 6 clips are about 15 seconds each and feature key attributes of the new Lexus IS-F. This is definitely a new direction in the way Lexus is marketing their vehicles. It is definitely an out-of-the-box marketing campaign in Lexus' 18 year history. So you may ask...

What is F?

1) "F is shifting in 0.1 seconds"

2) "F is Beauty within the Beast"

3) "F is a 170 mph top speed"

4) "F is 0-60 in 4.6 seconds"

5) "F is Precision Braking by Brembo"

6) "F is Commanding Performance"
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Wow, thats awesome! I bet that sounds amazing in a theater.
Interesting marketing idea! Thanks for posting it up :cool:
thanks for the post.

where's the "usual voice" in the lexus ads?? This new voice is kinda weak?
I wish they'd show it in European cinemas too.I'd buy a ticket for Jessica Simpson's "Blond ambition" to see that commercial!
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