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Lexus IS Coupe close to confirmed, maybe debuting in Tokyo?

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Since it's launch in Japan in 1998, the Lexus IS series has always had at least four doors and, for a while, was offered with five. But Toyota's 3-Series challenger has never directly taken on the Munich's coupe or convertible models. That may change soon though as Lexus' Australian Manager John Roca has dropped a hint about an IS coupe. In a press release for a limited edition IS250x Roca is quoted as expressing excitement about upcoming models including "the V8-powered IS-F and potentially, an IS coupe in the future." It will be interesting to see what Toyota has on their stand at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

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Looks nice. Just like the sedan, except with two doors :)
Wonder if there will be an IS-F version of the coupe?
yes there is a 2010 IS Coupe and covertable coming !!!! It will be out in Spring of 09. Covertable will bea hard top, and there should be an "F" shortly after the first launch... Might be in 2010 as a 2011......
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