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Lexus is #1 in JD Power Dependability Rankings

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If you haven't read this yet, it might be interesting!


Lexus Leads Nameplate Rankings for 14 Years in a Row

TORRANCE, Calif., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Toyota and Lexus models have
earned 11 segment awards out of a possible 19 in the 2008 J.D. Power and
Associates Vehicle Dependability Study(SM) (VDS), more than any other
manufacturer for the third consecutive year. The VDS is one of many vehicle
surveys which continue to consistently rank Toyota and Lexus at the top of
their respective studies.

The VDS study tracks the number and type of problems owners have had
with their vehicles over a three-year period, with this year's study
focusing on the 2005 model year. Lexus was the top nameplate for the 14th
consecutive year, with 120 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). In the study,
Lexus received six segment awards and Toyota earned five awards.

"Of the numerous independent studies conducted throughout the year, VDS
continues to reflect real-world, long-term vehicle quality and
dependability," said Jim Lentz, TMS president. "In today's economic
climate, consumers are considering durability more than ever as a key
component to their vehicle purchase decision."

For the 14th consecutive year, the Lexus LS premium luxury sedan was
the top-performing model in the industry while leading the Large Premium
Car segment. With a score of 72 PP100, it was the first time ever that a
vehicle achieved a score less than 80 PP100 in the VDS study. The previous
low score was in 2006, with the LS 430 earning a score of 88 PP100.

The top three performing models in the VDS were all Lexus passenger
cars (LS 430, SC 430 and ES 330). The Lexus LX 470 topped the Large Premium
Multi-Activity Vehicle (MAV) segment with a score of 124 PP100; it was the
fewest PP100 of any truck or SUV in the study.

Other Lexus models to lead their respective segments include the ES 330
with a score of 101 PP100, which was followed by the GS 300/GS 430 (124
PP100) in the Midsize Premium Car segment. The IS 300 led the Entry Premium
Car segment with a score of 122 PP100, while the SC 430 (89 PP100) topped
the Premium Sporty segment. The GX 470 (130 PP100) prevailed in the Midsize
Premium MAV segment, and the RX 330 was second with a score of 144 PP100.
Overall, every Lexus passenger car or luxury utility vehicle either led its
segment or finished second to another Lexus.

For the past 19 years (since 1990), the Toyota nameplate has
consistently ranked among the top five non-luxury brands. For 2008, the
Toyota nameplate placed fourth overall with 159 PP100, an improvement of 19
PP100 from 2007.

Prius, the world's best-selling gas-electric hybrid, led the Compact
Car segment with 141 PP100. Prius continues to prove that a gas-electric
hybrid vehicle with many cutting-edge technology features can also set a
standard for long-term durability.

Other top-performing models include the Tundra, for the third
consecutive year, in the Large Pickup segment with 159 PP100; RAV4 in the
Compact MAV segment with 166 PP100; Highlander in Midsize MAV with 138
PP100; and Sequoia in the Large MAV segment with 198 PP100.

J.D. Power and Associate's VDS finds the number of problems an owner
experiences affects their repurchase intent, vehicle recommendation, and
impacts their vehicle's retained value.


Toyota Prius Compact Car
Toyota Highlander Midsize MAV
Toyota Sequoia Large MAV
Toyota Tundra Large Pickup
Toyota RAV4 Compact MAV
Lexus IS 300/IS 300 SportCross Entry Premium Car
Lexus ES 300 Midsize Premium Car
Lexus GX 470 Midsize Premium MAV
Lexus SC 430 Premium Sporty
Lexus LS 430 Large Premium Car
Lexus LX 470 Large Premium MAV


2008 Nameplate VDS Ranking
Problems Per 100 Vehicles
Lexus 120
Mercury 151
Cadillac 155
Toyota 159
Acura 160
Buick 163
BMW 164
Lincoln 165
Honda 177
Jaguar 178
Porsche 193
Mitsubishi 197
Hyundai 200
Ford 204
Infiniti 204
Industry Average 206
Audi 207
Mercedes-Benz 215
Nissan 224
Pontiac 225
GMC 226
Mazda 228
Subaru 228
Chrysler 229
Dodge 230
MINI 233
Chevrolet 239
Scion 243
Volvo 244
Saturn 250
Jeep 253
Volkswagen 253
SAAB 254
Isuzu 274
Kia 278
Suzuki 302
Land Rover 344
Note: Maserati is included in the study but not ranked due to small
sample size.
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Gee, surprise surprise! NOT...... I wonder how the ISF segment will fair.

To date, I haven't heard of any notable problems that we should be concerned about.

Perhaps others may be more knowledgeable, if so feel free to chime in with details.

This is a case in point about the reliability of Toyota/Lexus!!
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