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Lexus GS Gains 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine

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For over a decade now, Lexus has been the most popular luxury brand in the U.S, but the Toyota-owned company has struggled in the European market due to a lack of diesel engines.

Lexus hopes to change this in the coming years as a diesel option becomes available for the next-gen GS model. Lexus will remain focused on its hybrid offerings, but recognizes the importance of diesel engines in the European market. Lexus currently offers a diesel engine on the IS to the European market, but this will change with the launch of the new GS sedan in 2013.

Lexus will continue to offer the GS with a 3.5-liter gas-electric hybrid and an entry level 2.5-liter V6 but the diesel will help the company compete with BMW's 520d. The next-gen GS is expected to debut this September at the Frankfurt auto show.

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