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Lexus GS-F Spied Nurburgring Testing

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Germany’s vaunted Nürburgring is arguably the most famous test track in the world. AutoGuide’s intrepid spy photographers have just spotted the 2015 Lexus GS-F circling the famous “Green Hell,” and best of all the car was NOT camouflaged!

In effort to battle scalding-hot sport sedans like the BMW M5, Toyota’s luxury division is cooking up an ultra-high-performance version of its GS four-door. The car appears to feature a number traits found on other Lexus F models including things like quad exhaust tips, special badges and more aggressive-looking bodywork.

Beyond these give-aways the car pictured is also equipped with a special diffuser between the exhaust outlets, sporty wheels wrapped super low-profile rubber and a lip spoiler on the rear decklid.

As for what’s under this car’s hood, your guess is as good as ours. The highest performance version of the Lexus GS available in the U.S. right now is the GS450h, a hybrid. That car’s maximum output is 338 horsepower and it’s all routed through a decidedly un-sporty continuously variable transmission. An F-version of the GS will have to have more giddy-up than this with some rumors suggesting twin-turbos may be part of the package.
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