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Lexus financial- Need Help

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Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is doing well. I need some help and advice and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a lot of different cars of which 2 are lexus. One is an ISF and the other is a LS460. In June 2011 I added a C63 amg to the mix and paid off the ISF entirely. Shortly after that, starting in August 2011 i got really ill and my life was in jeopardy. With no contact to the outside world i left my accountant in charge of my bills. However, starting november he was under the impression that because i had paid off one of my Lexus there was no longer a need to make any payments to toyota financial and my LS460 became delinquent. I just got released from the hopsital only to find out that my car has been repossessed, in my opinion illegally. The repo man entered a private garage broke the gate moved one of my cars to get access to the LS460 and left with it. Now i am trying to get my car back and lexus is turning this into a nightmare. They've added almost 2000.00 extra of fees and I'm ok with paying what's owed i just don't appreciate getting raped. Furthermore, the whole department is made up of morons who refuse to transfer me to people above them who might actually be able to make decisions. Anyways, is there anything i can do? I want my car back, i'm willing to pay but i would like for some of the fees to be discounted or removed. I just don't understand this procedure. Any ideas? Any comments? Any Help?

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