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Lexus F Coupe

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I was reading the latest Car and Driver showcasing the CTS-V Coupe, RS5, and M3 Coupe at 'the ring' and tried to envision if Lexus made some sort of luxury super coupe. They seem to have a nice parts bin goin, do you think they could scavenge parts and make it at a competitive price, and if so do you think it would sell?

Body - LFA body panels, but use aluminum instead of composites to keep cost down. Ditch the expensive monocoque. Maybe use ISF Chassis? Shoot for 3500 pounds?

Motor - ISF motor with headers, full exhaust, and ecu reprogram. conservative 450bhp?

Steering - ISF electric steering

Transmission - ISF 8-speed, Torsen diff. Include launch control

Wheels/Brakes - ISF brakes, LFA'ish wheels/tires

Suspension - some sort of LFA/ISF hybrid. double wishbone, but incorporate Billstein Electronic Ride Control or equiv magnetic shocks.

Interior - ISF interior, LFA instrument cluster.

I bet they could throw it together and sell it for $60k. Although they probably never will cuz it would steal a lot of the thunder from the LFA.
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Wow! That's great!

I actually work at Toyota. I'm going to go get started on it right now! Parts bins here I come!!!
I think there's a far less expensive way to get to an IS F-type Coupe...IS C with a solid roof (therefore less weight than IS C) and IS F mechanicals. The platform structure is stronger than the Sedan (again, if fixed roof), so an "F-tuned" version of the LX's 5.7L V8 (should easily pull 450+ hp) and its greater torque capacity (400ish) should pose no driveline/structural difficulty (possible rearend upgrade?). Curb weight s/b under 4000 lbs.
Which is all fine and dandy, until you realize that the IS Coupe is HIDEOUS. It doesn't have the flow of something like a 3-series coupe, or an A5, and looks out of place.
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