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Leftover 2010 prices

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Whats the best prices you guys have gotten for leftover 2010 models? Please any input would be helpful.
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I did well on my 2010 back in late October. Managed to get close to dealer invoice and with security deposits, the interest rates were under 1%.

Lexus vehicles hold their value better than any luxury brand, and you will see this evident in their leasing schemes. I've found leasing/buyout to make more sense for me on Toyota/Lexus vehicles. You can consider it like doing a balloon payment from BMW and other brands.

Anyways, you will still want to get the consumer reports price report for the cars you are considering (assuming you live in Canada/US). That will break down MSRP, Dealer invoice cost, incentives available to the dealer, etc. Expect to meet the dealer half way between MSRP and invoice, then subtract the incentives.

Also max out the security deposits. Every $500 reduces interest rates by 0.2%, meaning you can get down to 0% lease rate for 60 months. Your security deposit is returned to you when the lease is up.

I'm surprised you found a 2010 :) You won't be disappointed with the quality of the car versus the competition.
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If you have excellent credit, you can get great terms from the credit unions.

Provident already approved my loan for 84 months (yes, 7 years) @ 2.875%.

The 2011's are coming down in price, when the 2013's hit the showroom (and that's not far away, the prices will come down even more.
hey 2URGSE can you please tell that what installment you are paying to the bank , thanks in advance.
hey 2URGSE can you please tell that what installment you are paying to the bank , thanks in advance.
I have not found my car yet, but I can tell you that for $50,000 car, with 20,000 down on those terms you'd pay $448/month, and that's including taxes. (You'd need to find out the tax rate in your country)

Here is the link to where you can calculate all this:

The 2011's are already hitting 47-52K price range, the deals are starting to pop up.

I personally can't find the UltraSonic blue that I wanted, but there is a flood of black ones out there and some whites as well. You can get one for under 50K.
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