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LEATHERIQUE: Who's used/uses it on their IS-F? What do you think?

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Hey Guys, I just bought some leatherique for some pesky stains on my dad's volvo and I was planning on putting some in my IS-F as well.

Has anyone on here used it on their F? I put both the Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean in spray bottles to make it easier but my main question is how are you guys applying it?

I just sprayed it on my dad's volvo and worked it in with my hands but his car doesn't have perforated seats so it's no big deal. How should we apply it? Both products are barely thicker than water and I don't want a bunch of this stuff dripping through the perforations.


PS this crap is expensive so I plan on applying rarely and using Lexol products between applications.
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I used leatherique every year on my old BMW and it was great. Brought back the softness and original smell of the leather. But I didn't have perforated and heated seats on that car. I heard of people who shorted out their heated seats after using leatherique. I now use Auotglym cleaner and conditioner on the IS-F. The perforated seats makes it difficult to apply the oil.
yeah, i was thinking about applying it to a sponge and then to the perforated parts of the seat...if i do really thin applications a few times I think that might work...if anybody else has a better idea I'm all ears...
What about using a microfiber towel to apply it? I have one I use specifically for my seats, instead of putting product directly on the seat I put it on the towel then gently massage it in. Although I've never used this Leatherique stuff.
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