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OK all you F-Heads I did read all of the existing threads on ISF brake pads.
And it seams that there a lot of front pads made for our cars but what about the rears (if you're gunna do a full brake job you might as well do the rears too.)
No lecture on brake bias required for me...
It looks like EBC is the only vendor offering both front and rear pads, but it seems that Hawk HPS is probably the preferred pad.
And yes I am willing to clay bar my wheels due to the agressive brake dust coming from my brakes. Performance rules over pretty for me...
So what is the best complete brake job pad solution?
Please give me the most up-to-date info here... not a link to some two year old info...

Thanks in advance,

Pete in Aptos, CA
2010 Starfire Pearl
here is what i went with. added braided lines to the package.put on in January.great performance for my driving style.(agressiveish):) bites hard, yes there is brake dust less than factory but we are runnin cheese graters here folks, stoptech and centric package from injected performance


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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