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Oh! What a gas this thread is! Lol! With Lou freaking out that the dealer washed his car maybe using un oxygenated water, and Tanglewood almost getting into a beef with the RCMP, and Phootdr recalling his Monreal days. Christ de tabarnacle de chalice! Phootdr knows what i'm saying.

Don't get me wrong guys, I love my F too, in fact no one also cleans my F except for my trusted guys in the shop. But man, can we get possesive or what!

But going back to the topic, I also had a weird incident with trying to start my F once. When I went in it to start, the needles in the dash swept but the engine wouldn't do anything. Like the battery died. I tried the second time and same thing. Of course the sweat started to come out of my forehead, thinking ...OH sh_t there's no one here in the country who'd know how to fix this. But the third try was a success. I think it happened another time but not traumatic anymore, by the second try it was OK.

I'll see if it happens again. Thank God there's now a month old Lexus dealer here.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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