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K&N Typhoon

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Potentially silly question...I was looking into getting a K&N Typhoon for my 08 but notice that there is just one intake...doesn't the IS-F have two intakes? One for cruising and one that kicks in at higher revs?
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There's only one intake on a stock ISF, but it's dual stage. A trap door located in front of the filter element opens at higher RPMs. The Injen and K&N intakes don't have a dual stage filter. They both remove all the hardware associated it. The Takeda utilizes the front part of the filter assembly and uses the dual stage feature. The JoeZ which is a tube that replace the factory tube and resonator also keeps the dual stage feature.

Ah, thanks for the response, in this case I am no longer interested in the K&N and will instead have a look at JoeZ and Takeda
aFe Takeda looks like just the ticket, thanks for the tip
Yep, That's the one that I have.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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