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K&N Typhoon Intake $105 shipped

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K&N Typhoon Intake $135 + shipping

Sorry if I deceived you with the price! I just found my receipt and the fact that these things are selling $300 new made me reconsider my price.

$135 + shipping

Usage: Roughly 500 miles

Reason for selling: Going stock for a potential trade-in for a convertible Lexus. While I'm not going to take off the exhaust, I'd rather tell them the car has no engine modifications.

What's included? K&N Intake System, assembled in box with all* necessary screws and parts.

Why so cheap?
I'm looking for a quick sale, also: *PLEASE NOTE, a Toyota tech removed this instake system from my car, and I cannot guarantee EVERY SINGLE screw/bolt was given back to me.

Payment method: I will accept instant bank transfers from Bank of America or Citigroup. I can instruct you how to send the payment through the internet if you are a member of either bank. If you are not a member of Bank of America but there is one located near you, you can still deposit the $ to my account. I do NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL, Paypal is a terrible service and I've lost money thanks to their poor system.


Please give me a PM or post here.
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I'll take it however I am a paypal person...never had a problem....Where r u located? Im in ny
I can't use them anymore, they disabled my account for selling stuff that's kind of gray area in their TOS (online poker stuff). Instead of letting me appeal or giving me a second chance they just send me the same message over and over. So now they are holding my money for 192 days.

I'm actually open to any payment system I just prefer BoA because it's a free transfer instead of giving some other company 3-10%. Just no Paypal.

I'm in the Chicagoland area.
There is a bank of america near me and we can discuss the details 516-250-4555. Thank you
will call you around 5pm your time today.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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