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K&N Intake/PTS Exhaust

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i think it sounds really good, especially in the high rpm, but i think its a tad too quiets down right? also....when i put it on, i was not able to get the flanges completely flush at the primary cats......everything is lined up, i could not physically tighten it any more with a 10" 3/8 drive ratchet.other then that, it all went together quite nicely. it took me about 3 hours, i did it completely by myself...i took my time to make sure it went smoothly. i wish i had a lift, too tight under there with the car on ramps.

i dont think there was enough clearance on the inside of the pts flange, cuz quite a bit of pipe was sticking out of the probably tightened up right to that
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i dont think its a matter of leverage. i cant hear any leaks...i even ran it while i was under there and i had my hand around the flange and i could feel no gas or heat. on the stock manifold i took the ring off and there is about 7/16" of 2.5" pipe that the ring sits on and the space inside the pts flange to the pipe only allowed about 1/8" of the 2.5" manifold pipe into it. everything else fits flawlessly.
Glad your enjoying the system...

Mine broke in somewhere after 750 miles. :cool:

The two forward flanges that attach to the manifolds were desgined to have just a bit of space in between.. So that the OEM crush gasket will still work for a 2nd time use... ;)

In other words we didn't make it flush fit on purpose.. Our two flanges are CNC'd in that area, which allows the oem crush gasket to sit perfectly in between the sandwich for a leak free seal.

You have one of the newest built systems.. The welds were still warm when you received it..:p


Joe Z
thanks, that gives me peace of mind that i know my install is good. it sounds much more badass. some guy in a c5 corvette was crusin beside me and i dont think he expected that sound to come from a japanese import
much props to joez. exhaust is already quieting down quite a bit, and it sounds even better. i've put about 200km on the new combo, intake/exhaust (i reset the ecu) and i must say the whole throttle is definitely more fluid in normal mode, and sport mode you can hear the sharpness a lot more then just feeling it. the k&n intake and pts exhaust sing beautifully in the mid rpm and sound absolutely terrifying wide open. i am definately in love even more.

i also think that cruising around town, its much quieter then stock, at 1100-1300rpm it doesnt even sound like the engine is running really.....
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