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Or most are just fans of the car like myself :)

I would imagine most owners too rich to come on a site like this.
No, don't own LFA but I did have opportunity to ride in one at Lexus Insider event held at New Jersey Motorsport Park in Millville NJ, Scott Pruett driving what a rush also had Jeff Andretti take me for spin ISF both where done on Lightning race track. Also autocross IS-F, GS-F Sport car, IS350 F-Sport car, IS 350C F-sport I had a blast that day after drive in the IS-F I decided to trade in my IS350 here are some pics.
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Because the LFA is very very very limited production, I doubt you will find many owners finding time to post their LFA. Simply because there will be about 20 LFA's made in the world per month. We don't know exactly when and where the next LFA will be delivered.

I have driven the LFA in Miami back in 2009 with the legendary Naruse-san and got to drive Scott Pruett around as well as riding in hotlaps with both of them!!!
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