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Just watching DVD's on ML in 08' ISF

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I tried a DVD "movie" in my 08' ISF today. I could hear the sound, but could not see the picture. What I'm I doing wrong. I had the car in park and no picture. Do I need to have a aftermarket component or hack the system?

If someone has an answer, please let me know.
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i believe u must apply the parking brake
Yup, what they said^^^^;), or you could get the hack to be able to use it anytime:cool:. Do a search and you will find what is available. I installed mine myself, no problem. Instructions are easy to follow with step by step instructions and pictures available on this site.

good luck.
you can only watch dvd on the IS with the Mark Levinson package
you need the foot brake on or the aftermarket hack
Im trading in my F today and I took out the Nav Hack,, its in brand new condition.. my F is only 10 months old and the nav hack is only 6 months old.. used less than 10 times... lol $200 shipped if you are interested... email me at [email protected] for picts,, I still have all the original box and manual,, the unit is basically plug and play..
what did you trade your F in for?
Is their a way to upgrade my regular nav system to ML??
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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