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Just took Delivery!!

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Just took delivery of my Smoky Granite Mica F and this car needs to be seen to truly appreciate how MEAN it really looks. Just driving home from the dealer I realized the "street creds" this car already has going for it. Never had so much attention payed to any other car I've owned. On the way home I stopped at local health club and when I came out three young guys were walking around the car pouring over every detail. Again this was just the first afternoon of ownership!! My first impression of this car is it's split personality. In full auto the car is a true Lexus luxury machine, the suspension is always firm but well damped and very controlled. In sport mode things change SIGNIFICANTLY with accelerator inputs responded to with authority and the trans. shifting much more aggressively. In full manual this car is a TRAIN!!! shifts are instant and acceleration is brutal. I do agree with with some of the negative reviews regarding the 6800 RPM red line, it's definitely TO LOW. THIS CAR WANTS TO RUN!!!!!


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Congrats on your beauty! Is that snow on the ground?

Good thing the car has a snow mode too!! Not sure about getting chains around those tires though?

Your right about your initial impressions. The car is something else... Tons of fun! Enjoy and congrats again!
yes that's snow!, this has been one of the longest winters in Chicago I can remember. Although today has been sunny and in the mid-50s. Gave me a chance to put the first coat of Zaino wax on the F. By the way I tried to attach full frame photos of the car but they were rejected due to file size being to large?? Was I doing something wrong and any suggestions?
beautiful- congrats!!
Like you I love my F. Your description of a split personality is perfect. I call mine a wolf in sheep's clothing -very calm, sedate, confortable when you want it to be and a beast waiting to be unleashed at all times.
Nice...Congrants! Nice color combo!
The car really shines did you get the tefflon treatment?
Thank You!

thanks to all for the congrats, I'm loving this car and can't wait to have it properly broken in. Will be doing some track days at the Autobahn in Joliet, IL and have already signed up for track touring this summer at Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI. 4.2 mi. road course and one of the fastest tracks in the country! Have done this event for the past two years with my 06' BMW Z4 M Roadster and typically hitting 120 mph + in the several sections. Looking forward to seeing how the F does! My sense right now is that it's faster than my BMW (at least in a straight line) and will test that theory within the next few weeks!
Zaino Wax

the shine you see if from my first Zaino Wax treatment. IMO the best available and can only be purchased through their website at You want the Z-2Pro, ZFX Flash Cure, and Z-6 Gloss Enhancer to be used between waxes. Go ahead and get some you WILL NOT be sorry!!!!
It gets better everytime you get into the car and drive it. Welcome to the "F" family :D
Your IS-F look great!! Mine (silver) is to be here in 2 wks. I'm Bustin inside waiting. The wax you reccomend, better than than the dealer tefflon for $400 bucks? They will reapply each year for 3 years?? Which would you buy??
my very first post here anyway very nice enjoy the car
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