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Just talked to dealer about release date

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Hey everybody, just thought i'd post that my dealer just called to tell me that his manager told him IS-F's should be in showroom's in i guess no first quarter F for me...
Has anyone heard any differently?? I'm #2 on the IS-F list for the Raleigh dealer and this has become my obsession
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My dealer called me last week after pricing was released and told me the pricing (although I'd already seen the press release here, so I knew already) but then he told me they are expecting them next month. This was around the 15th, so apparently they are planning on February, but he didn't have a VIN # or anything for me yet, so I don't know how much I believe "next month" honestly.
Looks like Lexus Carlsbad will have a granite and a silver ISF within the next few days. I am on the list for a red or blue and they called me yesterday asking if I'd like to change to a different color to get the car sooner, to which I politely declined. But anyway, for those looking for those colors in the So Cal area, you may want to give them a call.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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