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Hello to Everyone

I have been casually looking for an IS F since they first came out in 2008. In 2010 I settled for an IS 350 C. My wife and I both pretended to be happy, but we were not really happy at all. You see we drove corvettes from 1995 till 2009. The last vette was a 2008 Z06. My wife couldn't drive it because it was a stick so we settled for the IS 350C in 2010. A stong V6 but no V8. We both love the power of a strong V8. The problem with the vettes is quality. All I did was work on the 2000 vette. It had too many problems. Last week while I had the IS350C in for service I saw the ISF on the show room floor. My first look at an ISF and it really is a looker. This is only the 2nd ISF I have ever seen. I fell in love with the car so the next day I went back to take ownership of the 2012 MM ISF. My wife is totally in awe. She loves the car. She now has her power that she so desperately missed. Nice sound and great road feel. I get to drive it on weekends.
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