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Hi guys, My name is John (aka "Jb") Just stopping in to say hello. I have been using these forums for sometime unregistered, but now am getting serious about finding a F.

I have had two vehicles since before I could remember, but now I am looking to have just one very nice saloon. After alot of research I came to the conclusion a F would suit my needs to a tee.

my latest combo = 2002 IS300 (daily) and 2006 Evolution MR (weekend)

The IS is gone and the Evo will soon be too, So I am Currently in the Market for a 08'-10' USB or SFP IS-F (i cant decide on color :mad:) , lucky for me I am in no hurry and just waiting for the right car to come up for sale.

Well im sure I will have lots of questions, and look forward to contributing where I can.

Jb :)
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