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Just picked up Matador RED F...... finally

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Just wanted to say hi, im new to the forum, just recently picked up a used 08 Matador Red F, im super stoked on the car, got a great deal with only 13k miles. Ive been a honda/acura guy my whole life, except my Yamaha bikes, but i must say i've had my eye getting an F for about 6 mouths before they came out, just had to wait for my lease on my 07 TL type S to be up, and found a great deal on this one, I wanted white, black or blue, couldnt beat the deal on this one.... Love this car, although im going to need to open a new account at discount tire, or tire rack, because im sure ill be blowing through tires every 2-3 months, LOL. Coming from a front wheel drive car to this is just awesome, Love it, cant say enough good things about it. If i could figure out how to put pics up, i would. LOL
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Welcome to the F family! Do you have any plans for mods yet?
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