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i picked it up for a tad over 40k, they originally listed it for 51999.00, so i think i did pretty well. (i think, lol) even if i really didnt im happy about my deal, especially since im the car business, and according to book values, i got it waaaay back of trade-in/wholesale, which seems good to me.

as for mods....

-lower it (level out annoying huge front wheel gap to match rear)
-wheel spacers to flush the wheels to the body
-maybe when time for tires some a little wider

I was thinking it would be cool to paint my roof black, and also powder coat the stock wheels gloss black (feedback?!?) I think it might look kinda sick with the red? has anyone painted the stock wheels Black??? I really like the stock wheels to be honest...

other than im pretty happy, and dont have much in the works for it,

how the heck do i post a pic, i have no clue how to put a pic on here?

Welcome to the site and congrats on your purchase! The F in Matador Red is a stunning car, nice choice. Seems like you have a nice list of mods to begin with although I would be cautious when using spacers on the F.

I don't think I've seen anyone with the black wheels finished black, it would be interesting to see though! I have my room CF wrapped and others have painted their's black, I don't think anyone with a red F though, might want to do a search for some pics. The stock wheels are stunning, I'd like to see them in black, they definitely wouldn't show the massive amounts of break dust (the stock wheels don't show it too bad either).

How to post a pic, when you click reply on the bottom and are typing text, there should be a little picture frame with mountains in it, click on it and paste the picture URL in there...use a site like to upload your pictures to and get a URL from. Good luck
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