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Just passing by ...

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... and say Hi :)

I have been a Lexus owner since 2003 now.
I currently have a Toyota Aristo V300 as daily driver and a supercharged Lexus IS200 for track :D
I will be getting an IS-F in 2010 after I sell the Aristo so I thought it would be a good idea to register here.
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Welcome! Aristo V300 and an that's what i'm talking about. Please share some pics of your rides...but don't sell the Aristo...keep it!
Thanks :)
I wish I could keep both and get the IS-F but I don't have enough parking space for 3 cars :(

Here are shots of the cars I have :

The IS

The V300

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Is that a Hippo Sleek kit with Bluestone?
Your IS200 is beautiful.
Yes the IS has a Hippo Sleek bodykit and carbon hood and trunk. I have removed it last month though as it was too low when going in the green part of the track :D It now has a TTE front bumper which unfortunately has not as big of a hole in the front for the IC cooling.
As for the color it is Storm Blue, a Renault (French car make) paint. It originally was GGP
That's a great color. Looks factory almost!
Aristo's just gone so now I will really start hunting down an IS-F :D
good luck. Hope you can find a great deal out there.
Well I finally bought an IS-F. It is a fully loaded Obsidian Black. Not the color I was looking for but I had a great deal.

The car is from 08/08 and was previously owned by Lexus France that is ehy it has all the options. It had only covered 4k miles when I bought it in April and it currently has 7k miles

I have already installed the JoeZ intake and waiting for delivery of Hawk HPS pads

Here are some pictures of when I bought it. The rear wheels have been put back the correct way since then.

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Congratulations! I hope you are enjoying it so far.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
Yes I love the car. It reminds me of the Aristo in some ways. It can be a luxury saloon with all the gizmos but when you floor it the hell breaks loose :)
A quick update of the changes I did.
First a JoeZ intake was installed almost immediately, I like the sound it makes now.
I went to the track back in June nd was very pleased with the gearbox and brakes. but the track was to small and twisty to really take advantage of the car performance.

In Europe we do not get the key pouch as you have in the US so I ordered one from Japan :D

And finally yesterday I did install the F-Sport rear sway bar. I have ordered it on Monday evening at Sewell and received it on Wednesday morning, that was a very fast shipment.
It does make a positive change to the car behaviour in turns, I am well pleased with it.

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Very nice. I just bought the same car two weeks ago. Exactly like you described. Two very different personalities.

Great to hear. I too enjoy the sound added by the JoeZ intake. the sway bar does help quite a bit, but I would suggest also looking into Tien springs. Helps a ton more too, and the ride is actually a little more forgiving.
I am not keen on changing the springs, I am more into coilovers ;)
That's even better. There are a few options out and available. I plan on changing out within the next year or so myself, just got to wait for the market to come back before I start putting money back into the car. But who knows, if I find the right price....
The choice has already been made : KW V3, what else ? :p That is what I had on my previous car and they really are a great piece of kit. Germany being close shipping costs are very low for me :)
I went to Le Mans' Bugatti race track last Sunday. The weather was great and I had much more fun with the car that at the Haute Saintonge race tack. Le Mans is more suited for big cars and I think the rear sway bar did improve the driving experience as well :)

Bad news is I shot the front tires. They were the original ones and only covered 21000kms (13K miles). Good news is I ordered 245/35 PS2 which should help for next track event on November 6th at the Val de Vienne race track another Formula 1 spec race track :D
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You are really able to enjoy the car properly. I am jealous :)
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