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Just noticed...(shifting)

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Hi guys, I'm sure lots on here like to save their brakes as I do! I like to stay in automatic mode but like to use the paddle shifters to save the brakes and thought the only way to get back into drive was to move the shifter to manual then back to auto...all you have to do is hold the upshift paddle and it will put you back in drive. Sorry for everyone who already knew this. :)
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Never tried that, I press the right paddle multiple times until the max gear is back to 8 which is the drive mode
Right on, holding will just make the D reappear :)
over time everything will wear down. brakes are a hell of a lot cheaper than a transmission. if you want to save brakes i recommend driving more "aware" of what you will need to be doing up the road. ie. coast more, drive slower, be more consistent.
Brakes are not that expensive if you do some research. Im sure that new transmission will be.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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