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Just how hard IS the suspension?

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I've been looking to buy a new car for quite some time. The IS-F is on my list to try out. I have yet to test drive it though I was wondering, how hard is the suspension, really? What could this be compared to?

I've driven the Lotus Elise before and while that was a firm ride, it wasn't completely jarring.

Can someone tell me what the IS-F is like?
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Your decision regarding the ride is dependent on the roads you drive and your age group. If you live in an area with mostly smooth roads you won't notice. If you live in an area of frost heaves and potholes you will certainly notice it and it won't be to your liking. Age is another factor. Somone in their 20's won't mind the stiff ride on rough roads. Someone in their 50's might. Best advice is drive it and see what you think. Check out the Mercedes C63 AMG and also the 2009 Cadillac CTS V before you buy. Test drive 'em all on the same day and your decision will be clear.
Well, I'm 35 and in the Northeast where there's plenty of frost heaves. I keep fit so I'm not particularly affected much by the ride. My wife and kid, however, would like somewhat a compliant ride.

Are there any cars you can compare this suspension to?

The list of cars I'm looking at and have driven:

Infiniti G37S-6MT
SAAB Turbo-X
Porsche Cayman S
Chevy Malibu

I also like the Audi A5.
As Stangar said, "to each his own" as for as ride goes. I am 70 and like the ride. I like how stable the F is under almost all conditions. Sever bumps can be jarring, but most are easily tolerated. Some of the members on another forum have replaced their springs and shocks with coil overs so that they can change the stiffness and rebound rates to suit the occasion. Stiffer when going to the track, softer when driving around town.
Like everyone else says, it's going to depend on what your looking for and how much you can handle ride wise. I personally drive on some pretty rough roads but don't find it to bad at all :cool: If I see a huge bump ahead I slow down a bit to help. I travel to maine quite a bit (never in the F though) and the roads up there aren't too bad, I wouldn't worry.

Definitely go test drive it. Make sure your able to open it up and really feel the power and handling. Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions and how it goes! :cool:
I read a lot of reviews on the IS-F and was certain that I would find the ride too jarring. After driving however, I found it firm, but not unreasonable. As we were driving on various roads I asked my wife if an 8 hour road trip would be a possibility in the car and she said "sure". I drove on the worst roads I could find in my area to get a true feel.
All that can be said is that you will have to try it out. Seek out those rough roads, RR tracks, etc to feel it for yourself.

BTW, I'm 52 :D
as with any sports type car, the ride is going to be a little stiffer... i think the f does a great job though of balancing comfort with performance... definitely go and test drive it, i don't think you will be disappointed.
Coming from a long line of sportscars I feel the ride is luxury like, however every automotive journalist under the sun calls the ride ultra harsh, to each his own.
I definitely recommend that you try and get a test drive in with the IS-F. If you felt the Elise was not too bone jarring, you will feel that the IS-F is a tad bit smoother than the Lotus. The seats in the Lexus are amazing to sit in, very comfortable. Motor Trend quoted the seating position as "perfect".:)
I would definitely recommend driving it over rough roads and seeing what you think. I ended up test driving it on smooth roads and was surprised how firm it was over rough roads.

That being said, I'm still happy with it. It is firm, but I really like the handling and it feels properly "sporty" too me.

All the reviews I've read say it rides too rough and the M3 rides much better (with the adjustable suspension at least).

Good luck with your decision.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Thanks for the replies! I think I have a better idea of what to expect. :)
i find ISF suspension as hard as my honda s2000's. both are probably a bit softer than lotus.
as with any sports type car, the ride is going to be a little stiffer... i think the f does a great job though of balancing comfort with performance... definitely go and test drive it, i don't think you will be disappointed.
Ditto that. A great compromise. I will probably even increase the spring rate and play with adjustable damping with some coil overs should get them soon. I would also note that it will be your car. You can change the things you dislike and keep the ones you do.
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