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Just got back from the test drive

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Bye BMW, its been really nice knowing you and your (overpricing especially on 650i's which I see hardly any on the street anymore) :) and HELLO IS-F. The paddle shift definitely shifts faster then any manual can since im a harsh critic and was anti auto before i even got in the car at first. no lag like my bmw tiptronic (1-2seconds) this thing shifted the instant i touched it i didnt have to flutter the pedal or nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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What the fuck is flutter? Harsh critic of auto? The gearbox is auto & SMG.. Get wit the program. Boost is for squids that cant make time in corners. Ice cream anyone??? Vanilla flutter with chips????
wow man, helpful yet so how can i say? pointless
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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