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Just got back from Denver...

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....had a Chevy Malibu 4 cylinder rental for the four night phish run at red rocks. This car had no power, no torque, nothing. I drove highway speeds in second gear just to get enough speed to pass.

Then i get back into the F and drive to work. It was almost like driving it for the first time. Do any of you guys put the F down for awhile just to relive that feeling of getting back into it and having all of that power?
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i drive my truck quite a bit more then my F. sometimes i dont touch the F for 3-4 days. but whenever i get back in it, i know what it can do. i have a pretty good memory. but i almost always motor around town under 2000rpm. sometimes i do give her a spanking tho, and its always enjoyable
Happens to me all the time. I do consulting work so I travel a lot and I'm in a lot of different cars. Usually get crap cars like you said, but I got a Tiburon this week which wasn't terrible, but still lacked a lot of power in comparison. I found myself hitting 100 constantly on the way back from the airport today :D
Know exactly what you mean..... I drive my Range sometimes and then I get into my car and it feels like im getting into my batmobile lol :) it also helps that the car is blacked out.... LOL
Yeah, I know the feeling. I let my wife drive the ISF to work four days a week because she has a long commute and it is the only comfortable/reasonable vehicle we own (others are a lifted Dodge Ram, S2000 built for the track, and a Honda CBR1000RR). When I get back into the ISF its really hard to resist going three times the freeway speed limit.

With regards to handling though, I'll stick with our S2000 which weighs 1000 lb less and wears the same width rubber...its ridiculous through the twisties.
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