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Just bought a Black/black one!

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I just picked up one for my wife, trading in her '04 ES. I like the fact that it's a "wolf in sheep's clothing". I agree with everyone else, you can drive it around just like the ES, but punch it above 4000rpm and it turns into a monster. Will post pics soon.

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Congrats... you won't be disappointed... It's everything and more...
Finally figured out how to post some pics of the car


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Nice pics John and congrats on the great car! But I >

have to ask, is it really for your wife? LOL..... or did you just tell her you were getting her a new car that you might drive once in awhile? LOL.....
I honestly have only driven it home from the dealer about 2 weeks ago!!! Don't feel sorry for me as I get to drive my 07 650i when I need to feel spoiled! My daily driver is an 04 RX 330.

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