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Just back from Summit point Event

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Wanted to share with all the taste of Lexus event at Summit W. V.. First of all it was worth 295.00$ all day long. Lexus is so commited to their performance F & it shows. It was brutaly hot upon arrival & I was greeted with a shuttle bus A/C of course that brought us all to a hospitlality tent with A/C & a great spread of food & beverages. The event had I belive 160 guests in the morning session & was flawlesly orchastrated. We were split into 4 or 5 groups & on we went to our assigned events. Everything from the chalk talks with the pros & each event was spot on & seemless. Events included skidpad relay race, Tracktime on the Jefferson circuit, Auto cross timed events with awards at end of day. Hotlaps with pro drivers brought unlimited smiles & all had fun. Although time on track was limited due to the number of participants Lexus held a fine day at the track. Each station had plenty of water & energy drinks for all to stay hydrated. Also in the tent & class room were driving sims with ISF seats & dash for guests to enjoy. Purchase for 22,000$ a pop. But you would need a game room for it LOL. I not sure if the Atlanta event is full but if space is avail I say you should sign up. Plus a great swag bag is handed out to all with a great F logo hat. Winners of the auto cross event were given XM sat kit. I talked with alot ofthe guests & all were very impressed with the F. M5 guys M3 guys MB perf guys did give nice feedback of the F. So that sums it up. Cheers & happy motoring ISF ers
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Will be in Atlanta a week from Friday. Great to hear that you had such a good time.
Very nice update and interesting information! Sounds as if you were delighted with the whole experience. Thanks
Any events coming to the west coast?? I would love to go.
I was at the event on friday and have to say I was a little disappointed. I have an IS-F and they did not show the half of what this car will do!! We could not even drive the car in sport mode!! If they want people to get excited about the car ,put a driver in and show them that you can smoke the tires and slide the BAD BOY sideways while you are hanging on for dear life.
Any events coming to the west coast?? I would love to go.
You just missed the only West Coast offering by a few weeks. There was one here in SoCal back on the last weekend of May at Auto Club Speedway Fontana.
I'm sure they don't let you do certian things when you have such a great liability. At the last event, I made sure people could see what an IS-F could do ;) Lexus wasn't too happy, but laughed it off when they seen the reaction of the crowd!!
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