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Just a Quick Intro

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I'll be placing my order for an Ultrasonic Blue in June. Just wanted to introduce myself prior to posting in Sikky's thread for questions. I've pretty figured out all the mods I'll be doing, thanks to this forum.
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Welcome to the site! How long have you been looking into the F? What mods are you interested in?
Welcome to the forum officially! Let me know if I can help with your USB order.

I've been looking into a new car since the beginning of the year. Don't kill me, but my first choice was the Audi S5 with the new v6 supercharged engine. However, I can't wait another 18 months for a new car. Didn't think the wife will agree to the F, but she was okay with it. With what I wanted to do with the Audi, I would have had to upgrade many things to keep the engine & tranny reliable. Unlike the Audi, the F is already setup for +400hp of fun. Joez intake & exhause, Sikky or Elite headers, Tein springs, and Volk Racing wheels.....I'm a happy camper.
Nice list. I got the JoeZ intake with Tom's drop in filter, Tein springs, painted engine cover, and reaf F Sport Sway Bar. Toying with exhaust, headers, and getting the throttle body done too, but alas money has been tight lately so I just rely on pressing the sport button every so often.
Oh, and I would give Doug a shot at your business. He is a good guy.
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