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June 9th, Thunderhill 5 Mile Track Day for $280

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June 9th, Thunderhill 5 Mile Track Day for $280

One of the members of the driving group [Ace R.] has worked out a deal with Thunderhill too allow us to be one of the first groups to drive on the new 5 mile track once it opens. The new 2 mile west section of track is currently under construction and will be open by June 2014. *We need 30 people asap to hold the date or we could lose this deal* Deadline for 30 people is 2/24/14.

There will be two groups of 40 cars each. Group 1 is open track passing for those who have done track days before and Group 2 is point by passing. Each group will run in 30 minute sessions and it only cost $280 for the day. That is a bargain and the power of enthusiasts working together.

This event will be run and managed by Thunderhill. The date is planned for Monday, June 9th 2014.

I have posted this event to the drives event site to help manage things.
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Bump to get more people. For us to get the track we need more people.

Q&A from all the forums.

Q - Who is running the event?
A - Thunderhill is providing the track logistics, we are gathering the people

Q - How many session do I get?
A - As there is only two groups you will get 6 - 7 sessions of 30 minute each. That is double the time on the track vs most track groups.

Q - How many people have signed up?
A - 8 and we need 60 to get the track.
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