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I took part in the recent CA Pelican Hill event, from which >

Flipsides picture is from I beleive. It was great fun to drive the IS 350 again and to see how the "F" sport bolts ons enhanced it's ride, though you really couldn't hear the "F" sport exhust over the wind noise with the top down at 60 MPH. The most fun of the day was driving the manual IS 250 C IMHO, though it is obviously down on HP over our F's, and even 100 HP down over the IS 350, it was still a peppy fun car to drive and it did make me long to have a true manual transmission again.

It was also interesting to see how Lexus stiffened the frame to support the longer doors and the drop top on the IS-C's.... Makes one think the convertable was an afterthough as opposed to designing the IS line as a convertable from the start the way Ford did the 05 Mustangs..... All in all a fun time that you should try to attend.

Don't expect a lot of info from the "ride-a-long" guys as they only know what's handed to them on a 3 page sheet they get about 10 seconds before you go for your ride and they don't even work for Lexus but for the marketing company putting on the event. So save your questions for the forum or until the cars hit the showrooms.....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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