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Kyle Busch might be firmly behind the wheel of the NASCAR points race, but off the race track he's riding shotgun. That's because an Indiana judge has just suspended the racer driver's license, after he was busted back in May, at 128-mph in a 45 zone.

Busch had his license revoked for 45 days, in addition to a $1,000 fine, as well as a sentence that included a one year unsupervised probation. The NASCAR star had pleaded guilty to the speeding charged and "no contest" to reckless driving charges.

A contrite Busch apologized to the judge and to the media gathered outside the Iredell County Courtroom, while thanking those who have stood by him.

A driver for Toyota, the car Busch was caught speeding in was the first ever exotic, built by the Japanese automaker's Lexus luxury division. Priced at $375,000 the bright yellow Lexus LFA makes 560-hp and is capable of a top speed of 202-mph!

More: Judge Strips NASCAR Racer Kyle Busch of His License for 128-MPH Joyride in Lexus LFA on

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I agree. Poor decision, luckily no one was hurt. Now that the PC statement is out of the way....What a lucky son-of-a-gun. I would love for Lexus to give me an LFA for a few days to play with. Who wouldn't wanna put her though her gears?
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