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Joining the F club - Pictures Finally

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Picked up a used 2008 USB IS-F with 24k miles on it this past Friday. Had originally been looking at a new IS350 to begin with however found the IS-F for just under the price of the new IS350 and couldn't pass it up.

Been loving the car ever since. Picked it up to be my daily as I am to afraid to take other car, fully modified in every way and just never felt safe leaving it anywhere. The car has exceeded my expectations in every way so far. Hopefully I will stay away from the mod bug that bit with the other car.

Finally allowed to add pictures

Pickup Day

Some quick shots from the other day

Couple picks of the other car

Other previous looks
(super build thread if anyone is interested)
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Congrats! Only 9 more posts and we can see the pics!

Welcome to the site. Like gtrnaisf said, tell us about the other car too, and your experiences/background with modding.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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