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Picked up a used 2008 USB IS-F with 24k miles on it this past Friday. Had originally been looking at a new IS350 to begin with however found the IS-F for just under the price of the new IS350 and couldn't pass it up.

Been loving the car ever since. Picked it up to be my daily as I am to afraid to take other car, fully modified in every way and just never felt safe leaving it anywhere. The car has exceeded my expectations in every way so far. Hopefully I will stay away from the mod bug that bit with the other car.

Finally allowed to add pictures

Pickup Day

Some quick shots from the other day

Couple picks of the other car

Other previous looks
(super build thread if anyone is interested)

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I have an Acura TSX that I have been working on since about 2005. Have dumped about 3/4 the equal value of the car back into it in mods. I have an entire build thread I was going to link however I can't until I make 8 more posts after this haha.

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Modification List

J’s Racing Tsuchinoko Intake
J’s Racing Titanium 60RS Exhaust
Comptech 4-2-1 1pc Header
RandomTech Hi-Flow Cat
JDM Honda Radiator Cover
JDM Honda Dipstick
J’s Racing Valve Cover
Spoon Carbon Kevlar Spark Cover
Spoon Oil Cap
Spoon Radiator Cap
Spoon Reservoir Covers
Custom Chrome Engine Brackets

J-Spec TEIN Flex Coilovers
Spoon Upper Control Arms
J’s Racing Front Strut Bar
Carbing Rear Floor Brace
Carbing Trunk Brace
Ingalls Rear Camber Kit
Cusco Type I Lower Strut Bar

18x8 +38 Volk CE28N Custom Summer Punch Candy
215/40/18 Dunlop Tires
Spoon Monoblock Calipers
Spoon Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Racingbrake 2pc Front Slotted Rotors
Racing Brake Rear Slotted Rotors
Hawk HP+ Pads

Other Wheels
17x7.5 +40 Takata Green Volk TE37
19x8 +41 19x9 +47 Junction Produce Scaras
18x8.5 +35 Gold Advan RG
17x7 +43 Volk GT-C
Additional set of Volks coming this weekend

J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Hood
J’s Racing Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
J’s Racing Front
Spoon Sport Spoiler
JDM Euro R Lip Kit
JDM Fogs
JDM Fog Covers
JDM Headlights
JDM Taillights
JDM Honda Euro-R Grill
JDM Honda Euro-R Grill Trim
JDM Honda Front H Badge
JDM Honda Euro-R Front Badge
JDM Honda Hood Trim
JDM Honda Rear H Badge
JDM Honda Rear Badge
JDM Honda Accord Badge
JDM Honda Euro-R Rear Badge
JDM Fuel Door Decal
JDM Fuel Decal
Mugen License Plate Bolts
Nokya Yellow H11

Full Black Interior Conversion
NRG Harness Bar
Takata Racing Harnesses and Shoulder Pads
JDM Euro R Recaro Sportline Seats
JDM Euro R Recaro Rear Seat
JDM Euro R Momo Steering Wheel
JDM Euro R Airbag
JDM Pedals
JDM Accord Door Sills
JDM Floor Mats
JDM SRS Warning Decal
JDM Emissions Decal
JDM Engine and Transmission Decal
Spoon Sports Titanium Shift Knob
Stewart Warner Voltage Gauge
Stewart Warner Oil Pressure Gauge

Custom Front XOvision LCD install
Custom Mini PS2 install
Custom XM Radio install
Custom Dual Fiberglass Sub Boxes
Memphis S Class 12" Subwoofer
Memphis Hypbrid 5 Channel Amp 300x4/1100x1
Memphis M Class 6.5” Components
Memphis M Class 6.5” Synchronous Components
Brockway Engineering R9200 RaceData Display
DEI Viper 791XV 2-way alarm
Stinger Expert Positive Terminal
Stinger Expert Negative Terminal
Optima Yellow Top Battery

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The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem! LOL :) Those are some nice high end wheel brands you have owned. What state are you in?
In PA currently.

Problem isn't that I have owned those its that I still own all of them lol with another set on the way. Might try the Scaras on the F but not sure they will look right though.

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I had a very similar experience.

I am new to the F. In fact, I have only seen 1 in person. On Monday (Labor Day) I was out kicking tires on convertibles. After an uninspiring test drive of an IS 250 Convertible, my wife noticed "that cool car" siting in front of the showroom. It was a 2010 IS F. That test drive was inspiring. I have never noticed another one in NC. The dealer stated that there were only 3 2010s in NC and that they have only had 3 at their dealership (Johnson Lexus) since 2008.

In the end, I decided to save a few bucks by going with a used 2009 Silver IS F from the same place you bought yours- Bobby Rahal Lexus. I have never bought a car sight unseen before, but the Dealer assures me that it is like new and I have had nothing but good experiences with my 2007 ES 350 and my local Lexus Dealer so I feel pretty good about it. I am awaiting transport from PA to NC where I live. I can't wait to get it! :)
Wow that is crazy. Congrats on your purchase.

I actually saw that car there the day I picked it up with dealer plates on it. Some guy drove up in it that way that had a Rahal Lexus shirt on. So either they had just acquired it or he had just finished taking it out for a drive to finish the CPO inspection. From just quickly looking it over on the outside when I saw it I can tell you it looked completely in mint condition.

I had no issues in dealing with Rahal and my parents purchased there 2008 GS350 from there as well and have had nothing but a great experience. The wheels on my mine have some curbing on them which they were happy to agree to have refinished at no extra charge when I get back to PA in November. Post up some pictures when you get it.

However what is funny is I went and checked their website and both mine and your newly purchased F are still on the site.

Also quickly is it the typical IS-F package with navi, ML sound system, sunroof? I believe I remember it had all that but had no idea the mileage was so low. Almost feel like I got a bad deal though now even though compared to other 08s it was similar or better at least for CPOs listed on Autotrader. Just appears you got one hell of a steal.

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Yeah I was reading the carfax at work actually and they acquired it the day I got mine so the CPO check probably wasn't even done at that point yet.

I was going to say if you weren't impatient I would bring down for free cause I will actually be in the area and coming back down the first week of October haha.
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