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got my smoky graphite yesterday. it's like my honda
s2000 with 3 times more torque and luxury. the automanual is so fast, i don't care to have real manual transmission any more.

i really like the understated styling, i would hate to get the attention of those punk kids wanting to race on street.

I would have to say, the automanual is way faster than a stick... most of the super-cars are all come with paddle shifters as well. can't beat shifting in less than 0.1 seconds or however fast it is... got to love the autoblip function as well, no heel/toe driving needed...

i have the smokey color too... i agree that it is more low key than other colors... so low-key, i think i get hit up by guys that don't even realize that i'm driving a F until they see my rear bumper pulling away from them... haha
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