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JoeZ exhaust installed

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I finally got round the installation of the JoeZ exhaust on my IS-F :D

I bought it from Nautique over one month ago and after troubles with the French customs it finally made its way to me 2 weeks ago.

After waiting to no avail for a shop to do the install, I decided I would do it myself as on my previous cars so I had to order the proper tool for the lambda sensors removal which I got on Monday with the bolts and screws.

As the weather is nice and I am off work today, I decided to start the install this morning at 10:30AM

It is a JoeZ exhaust with the Random Tech cats, Nautique did replicate what Caymandive did. That is exactly what I wanted so I can pass the smog test without worrying.

Here the pictures when Nautique removed it from his car.

Unbolting everything was easier than expected but I had to remove 2 bars to get the Y pipe out which took me some time as the plastic trims had to be removed.
At noon it is finally out :)

There is a bit more space now

I then went for lunch before cracking on the rear section
The silencers did take me some time to remove as the bushing were a pain to slide off. Here they are next to the original exhaust

Finally the exhaust is just waiting for the silencers

then they are on at 2:30pm so it took me 3 hours to do the swap with a jack, 2 stands and the correct tools :cool: I am well pleased

I have not had a chance to drive around yet but the sound is definately deeper and more present but it is not too intrusive.
I will let you know how I find it after I drive a bit and it will then go back to the dyno :)
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Looks good. Glad to hear you finally got it through customs. Can't wait to here your full impression after driving around for a bit.
Here is a quick video I did yesterday :

My first impression was that the exhaust is very loud but after 300kms driving it, I think it was mostly due to the change from a silent car.
From outside, the sound is great,. From inside, it is fine for a sporty driving but when I am cruising around 70-80mph and trying to keep a steady spee by having a light throttle, there is a kind of resonance in the cabin wich may become annoying on long highway drives.

From a performance point of view, it looks like the tires have more difficulty not to spin :D or maybe it is just the I drive it harder :rolleyes:
I will try to get it on a dyno shortly.
Sounds like a beast. I like it.
Sounds great to me as well. I can hear the drone you are talking about in the video. Hopefully it won't be annoying in the long term.

Thanks for posting the video.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
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