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Joe Z

COngrats! I bought the same system from Clark, but have yet to install it. It is sitting in the back of my SUV (for a month now). A few questions:
I would have ordered from him, but they had a credit card charge whereas Carson Toyota did not.

1. How much louder is it?
It's a good loud, not that annoying ricer sound 24/7. There's no way to say it.... Here's my on 1st day installed - notice the rumble at first.

2. Do you still hear the secondary intake open at 3,600rpm?
Actually, not as much. Then again mine is new, it takes time to quiet down. Besides the new exhaust sound is better than the 2nd intake sound IMO.

3. Do you feel an increase in HP (seat of your pants)?
I don't know, it's been too fast period. I'm not going to dyno or drive hours away for a 13 sec run to prove it became faster. It does sounds louder, meaner, and instead of an increase in HP - I feel the decrease in MPG due to constant foot on the peddle and higher rpm shifts.

4. Is it loud while cruising on the freeway?
Not if you leave it in auto, but it is bearably louder inside

5. Is there a drone?
More like a rumble...:) See the first moment of my video and several others on youtube.

6. Not sure if you are married, but if you are, do you think wifey would be annoyed with the increase in noise?
Actually my fiance complained I spent too much on something that made no difference... until I went WOT then her mouth went WOT because she got scared.:eek:

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ya, pretty much agree with what baba said.
you mean me?

Damn...sounds like American muscle! I think it's louder than my STI!!!
actually this does sound american, i had a cobra (4.6 DOHC 305 HP) back in high school a decade ago, and this sounds eerily similiar - but this has a faster rumble. in addition, i ended up putting off road straight pipes on that and it was uncomfortably loud for everyday use. of course i didn't care back then, i never heard those annoying talkative high school girls or my mom complaining i'm either a) going backwards and getter a loud car when everyone wants a quiet car b) or i sound like cheerleader coming down the street making too much noise

Cool stuff my friend. Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive response to my questions. Sweet ride too!
Thanks and no problem!
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