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Joe-Z / PTS Exhaust System for Lexus ISF! Free Shipping Promotion!

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Joe-Z / PTS Exhaust System and Intake for Lexus ISF! Free Shipping!

In honor of our new Vendor Status on Lexus F, Until the end of September you can preorder a Joe-Z / PTS Exhaust for your ISF and get Free Shipping ($150 Dollar Value). Get a dyno proven, 20+ WHP for your ISF!


Send me a PM or an email at [email protected] if you have any questions, thanks again guys!

Check out this Dyno Video of the MotoIQ ISF being dynoed with this Exhaust System!

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Is there a catted version?
There is no cat version for the PTS Joe Z exhaust for the IS-F.
There is no cat version for the PTS Joe Z exhaust for the IS-F.
You sir are correct!
Hi, can you email PM me price of Joe-z Exhaust system + Siiky headers to Brunei, South-East Asia? Thanks
Still available! Please email me at [email protected]!
Currently taking Preorders right now!
any updates on these? been almost 7 weeks since ordering
^^^^^^I hope this vendor responds to this, as it is swaying my decision to purchase somewhere else.

I got my Joe-Z pts from Steven at VIP before Christmas. He kept me updated on the progress of the build and the order. I had to wait for the next build - none in stock. Good service from them as far as I'm concerned.
still waiting vip stays in touch but i keep getting told 2 weeks. was supposed to be christmas gift from my family. how can it be taking pts so long to build these?
well u can contact mr joe z himself. im sure he can provide a better estimate when u will get it.

im guessing these things are selling like hot cakes.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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