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Joe Z Exhaust question

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I got a new Joe Z exhaust 3 weeks ago. It backfires (just a toot) when I get off of the accelerator, even at low rpms. But what is really bothering me is that it really stutters and pops and cracks shifting manually in Sport above 6000 rpm. It feels like I'm hitting the rev limiter (but I'm not). Is this normal or do I have a leak? I haven't been able to get it back on a lift to check it.
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the back fire is normal. give it a couple more miles and check for leaks.
if it's new, it'll need ~500 miles to break in. there are some things inside the exhaust that need to burn off completely.
I dont have that exhaust but I can tell that mine backfires with stock system while in those conditions you have described.

Please let me know if your factory exhaust tips start yellowing. I have noticed people with that system have that problem
i say give it 1000miles and it should go away. on youtube you can find people with same problem as you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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