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Joe Z exhaust info

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Help! I live in Delaware. Where can I purchase and have installed a Joe Z exhaust system? :confused::( Thanks
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Just a quick heads up...

Our current batch is in it's final phase of production.

Most of the older back orders will be filled by the begining of this week and by the end of this coming week, we will have more units to fill the newer orders as well...

Thank You for being patient...!!!

Joe Z :)
Joe Z,

I've been quoted about $400 by Carson for shipping Of the PTS exhaust. There's got to be a cheaper way. Right?

Hi there...

It costs about $150 to move it around the USA....

So $400 seems right for overseas..

Now you are welcome to take the weight & dimensions to get get quotes for shipping.. Depending on the shipping company, country you live in and how fast or slow you want it... the rates will change for sure...

Don't forget to insure it!! ;)

Joe Z
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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