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Japanese spec and US spec IS-F???

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Does anyone have any info on whether aero parts from the US or fit the Japanese spec IS-F or vise versa? I am looking at getting a kit from the US but I don't want to pay and have it turn out it won't fit? From what I have been told here Japanese lexus are different to US and European models, but I don't know where. TIA

EDIT: crap I posted in the wrong section.
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I don't think there's a exterior size difference only difference would probably be the sidemarker on the fenders. Not too sure about anything else and this is all I know about. Sorry for not being much of any help.
I don't think they would be different sizes when it comes to aero parts and exterior dimensions. Flip or any of the Fchamps would probably be able to help you more
Thanks guys for the help.:)
Yup as I replied on CL, there are no differences between bumpers btw JDM and US Spec IS Fs. The only difference btw all the IS F's in the world on the exterior side is the side marker lamps on the fenders which are not available on North American models.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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