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i wouldn't put too much into that. how many cars does toyota sell annually? almost a million combined for toyota motor corp. (toyota, lexus, scion). not sure how many each brand sold individually. jaguar sold 14,000 and buick 128,000. considering the numbers production-wise, toyota motor corp. does extremely well compared to the rest.
Excellent point. The survey is per unit sold. And since everything took a crap this year, the statistical sample size was reduced for GM (and in their favor) their ratio improved. IMO Toyota still have unequaled quality per unit volume, this meaning for the total volume of cars and the rate of production, the quality is hard to beat. Assembly rate has a big impact on quality and I think if a car spends 15 more minutes on the line the manual assembly steps can be done with more care. I watched the BMW line in Munich and the complexity is amazing. But the level of manual assembly is still prevalent.

Thanks for bringing the link to our attention.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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