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Its Official: I'm In!

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Hi all-
Not really a "new member" intro, as i have been searching and asking here for months... but as of today... i am an F owner:cool: :)

08 Obsidian, from Doug (FChampOh) delivered to my door this morning. Sorry, no pics- its about 20 degrees (F) and i am not about to go freeze out there!
I have driven her about one hundred feet, up my driveway and into the garage....:mad:

For you regulars around here, this is the car from Dayton that has the 4.08 rear gear swap, yellow engine cover, and "aftermarket" BBS rims. and hardwired radar;)
I got to begin reading the manual, went and started her and sat "taking it all in", but thats it. Kinda like having a lap dance then going and kissing your Mom...

Please everyone, wish me some warm and dry weather here in "lake effect" snowland of NY!!!!
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Wow, thats awesome, congrats on the purchase! I know exactly which F your talking about, great buy! Enjoy it, hope you can take it out and open it up soon! :cool:
You are official now! Your "F" peers should be envious with the 4:08 rear end gear! Your car is a rocket. It has been an enjoyable experience working with you and I know you will love your new car. Especially when the streets warm up!:)
All i want for Christmas is "sunny and 60"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratz on the purchase. I wish there would be no snow at all this year so I can move up my purchase date for an F.
congratzz on the new IS-F Im in the new york area, as well long island we should meet up sometime, what kind of radar hardwired? thats an amazing engine cover i want to get it done as well just pm'ed doug about it, what you mean by the 4.08 rear gear swap?

and again congratzz
Pictures please:D



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I'll help out with some photos until Jeremiah gets a chance to get it out and shoot it. Those are 2 piece BBS RS wheels (forged) with titanium fasteners. The engine cover is offered by Lexus of Dayton! I also included an Escort radar detector to sweeten the deal even more.

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Congratulations! It looks really sharp with those wheels and the custom engine cover.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Congrats and welcome.

Congrats to you too Doug!
congrats, great to see the car fall into good hands. Keep us posted.

Thanks everyone. And may i say, Doug is an awesome guy to deal with for those who may be looking to purchase.
And the engine cover he sells looks great "in person". I had my doubts from the pics, but in my garage it is indeed handsome!
congrats on the purchase... you won't be able to wipe that smile off your face for like... well, ever!
it got up to 48 degrees here in NY this weekend, so i just HAD to go for a quick drive.....WOW
It was still wet roads, and usual NY winter crappiness, so i took it easy, but man o man, that go pedal is addictive! How are some of you guys not in jail yet?!
I must admit i have to get accustomed to 8 speed auto, sure is alot of shifting... maybe the 4.08 gearing is some to blame there.. I did notice that it is "more noticeable" at low speed/modest acceleration. But when i mash the go pedal, it is smooth as silk. And wicked fast!
Come on, Spring....
Welcome man, I just got mine today Starfire white pearl. Now you need to change all of the F emblems to the yellow to match the engine cover.
Man! I gotta get mine, lol! Although, I'm wishing for Zone 9 wheels. I saw one with them at the dealership.
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